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News, also known as news, is a term for information disseminated through newspapers.

September 1, 2022

Latest company case about News, also known as news, is a term for information disseminated through newspapers.

News, also known as news, is a term for information disseminated through newspapers.

December 10, 2020


Recent events, recent events in society.
Tang Li Xianyong "Spring happiness meet villagers Liu Song" poem: "the old industry for a long time cast plow fishing couples, the news said war meritorious service. Chen Jiru of the Ming Dynasty wrote: "Wu vulgarity sits still and always asks for news. This rogue, the introduction of the gradual, but not the medium brought to the end of the field. "A Dream of Red Mansions" the first time: "immediately disturbed the neighborhood, the public as a news legend. Yuan Jing "Fu Hu Ji" 40 back: "company commander, the big news, you this living man became a martyr!"
The new knowledge

Song Su Shi "Second rhyme high to make Liu Shi Xiashan Temple see send" : the news is not more wonderful, old learning can be free.
3. The Song dynasty refers to the tabloids that are different from the official Korean newspapers.
Song Zhao Sheng "Chaoye class to · Document" : "Dynasty report, sunrise matters also. Every day after you leave your house, make a decision. Report the rebellion to the court, and report it to the whole world. It has the so-called internal exploration, provincial exploration, government exploration and so on, all favor private tabloids, the rate of leakage of the ban, so hidden and called the news.

A newspaper, radio, or television report of recent events. With the rich and convenient means of communication, the coverage of news is more extensive, and there are also those who think of news as the reporting of current or recent facts.
Song Jiaoren's Diary of Song Yu Fu: "I translated this article into English, Buddha, Lu, and Independent, and sent it to the news of other countries." Lao She "teahouse" the second act: "Long xin shop battle news, buy newspaper to see long Xin shop battle news!" Cao Yu "Sunrise" act 3: "I have thought, the pictorial must be so big pictures, my, Hu Four, our two, the newspaper every day carrying our honeymoon news.
5. The interpretation of the new edition of Ci Hai is: "Reports on current political or social events by news organizations such as newspapers, news agencies, radio stations and television stations. It requires promptness, truthfulness, simplicity, and truth. In the form of news, newsletters, features, journalist correspondence, investigative reports, photo journalism, television journalism, etc."

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