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Shenzhen Sreada Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Sreada Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Sreada Technology Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Brands: SREADA
No. of Employees: 40~60
Annual Sales: 5,000,000-6,000,000
Year Established: 2012
Export p.c: 50% - 60%
About Us

      SREADA has been a high tech enterprise focus on connecting system and cable assembly solution since 2012. The company mainly produces high quality precision connectors and wire harness processing. Our products are widely used in medical equipment, testing and measuring equipment, audio and video transmission, communication electronics, military industry, aerospace, industrial control, mechanical equipment and automotive electronics and other fields. At the same time, the products have good compatibility and can be compatible with the products of many industrial enterprises in the world.

      The company has passed the ISO 9001 certification and intellectual property management system certification, and high-tech products, etc., has a strong production capacity and has advanced technology plus equipment, professional R & D design team can meet the special requirements of customers customized, recognized and praised by the majority of customers.


2012 -- Sreada was established, specializing in push-pull self-locking connectors and cables, and is committed to becoming the leading self-leading brand of push-pull self-locking connectors.

2013 -- Sreada upgraded business scope and management, introduced digital management system and smoothly implemented ISO9001 management system. Customers covered medical, industrial control, UAV, military, etc.

2014 -- Sreada continued to improve the quality and after-sales service, provided high-quality application environment products for the world's first-class Telecom equipment manufacturers, salt spray test more than 720 hours. High quality service ensures that customer orders continue to this day.

2015 -- Sreada expanded the production line and layout of independent intellectual property rights, introduced a number of CNC and related production equipment. Rapid customer customization level had been praised by customers. Sreada began to apply for invention and utility model patents for self-developed products, and guided the company to take the road of independent research and development. At present, Sreada had accumulated dozens of inventions and other patents, walking in the forefront of the industry.

2016 -- Sreada dug deeply into key industries and successively cooperated with a rocket research institute and Electronics Research Institute in Beijing.

2017 -- The products were selected as TOP company related equipment components.

2018 -- Sreada cooperated with well-known domestic rail transit equipment manufacturers to supply VIP, first and second class seat control cables for high-speed rail transit 250/350km standard bullet trains and high-speed rail seats, and its products are widely used in Sifang, Changke Harmony, Beijing-Zhangjiakou intelligent high-speed rail and so on.

2019 -- Sreada re-planned and implemented the entire connector production process, including shell processing, mold design, PIN processing, surface treatment, cable and testing.

2020 -- Sreada passed the national high-tech certification, further enriched independent intellectual property rights.

2021 -- Sreada continued to expand the production area to 3,500 square meters, and the independent manufacturing rate of connectors reached more than 95%.

2022 -- In the future, we will continue to strive to become the world's leading supplier of industrial connectivity systems.


      We have been offering 1,000 combinations of product that continue to grow which found in a variety of challenging application environments, including high/low voltage、plastic、M8/12、 coax,triacoax、hybrid electrical and cable assembly.

Our Team

      Our R & D team is composed of engineers with many years of experience in connector industry design. We provide customized services for special industrial applications and specific needs, and provide customers with the most cost-effective professional connector application solutions and technical service support.

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